Photographer of the Year Ceremony!

June 10, 2016

There are days in everyone's life, that will stay with them forever. Yesterday, Blarney Photography Club hosted its Annual Exhibition and Awards ceremony to recap and recognize snapping efforts of all its members over the past 12 months. Evening full of joy, laughter and inspiration was to be expected, but stiff competition made prospect of receiving an actual award a dim one. I've been a Member of the Club for the past 4 years and while I am pleased with improving quality of my own work, I am also acutely conscious of immense talent and passion of many photographers from our Club. I was convinced this year will not bring any recognition. My daughter believes in me more than anyone else in the world, so I made sure to set her expectation right. "It's unlikely for me to win anything this year". To which she replied: "Even if you don't, you are always a winner for me mummy!".  <3  That did not stop me thinking along the lines: "Sheesh, I brought my family here, so it would be nice to receive at least an honorable mention in one of the categories...". In the end, it turned out to be a good evening for hope and moderate expectations.


I wish I could spare you exposure to fake modesty, but believe you me: I never imagined that Photographer of the Year award announcement will be followed by my name... I can shot a good picture, I can improve it even further with digital wizardry and I like to think I can get into my clients' visions and see with their eyes, but "...of the Year"? Me? I am surrounded by people with amazing photography brains, aptitude, flair and expertise, so excuse me for feeling a little overwhelmed. Never anticipated such honor and recognition. False modesty over. Oh, and I got my honorable mention, too.



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