I am a thief. Over the years, I have stolen with my camera countless moments from unsuspecting people. I have been caught many times and often judged on the spot with either smile or curse, but never stopped looking for examples of that enticing lack of awareness: mask off, guard down, veil shredded into pieces for a brief moment.


While fellow camera owners around me were clearly fascinated in flaking buildings, gnarly trees or petrol-stained puddles and found them development-worthy memories (pre-digital era was so much fun, one could almost bankrupt from all the laughter at the photo-kiosk’s  counter), my romance with photography started and continues with desire to catch that perfect storytelling moment. I must have taken thousands of photographs, yet each one of them is still vivid in my memory, linked to emotion that was filtering through the lens along with raw picture.
















2015 marks second anniversary of my transition from hobbyist to part-time professional photographer. I love it. I live it. Although experience is usually measured with years devoted to any given activity, I prefer to assess it with number of completed projects. As good fortune would have it, I can already sign my name under photographs from weddings, company events, studio sessions and custom commissions. My boot finally kicked the doors to digital photo enhancing wide open and I never looked back: “The Unadulterated Cat” (it is how used to call unedited shot from age of analog photography) is not completely dead yet, but nobody wants to pet it anymore or, god forbid, let it inside their homes.


Joining an active and successful photography club constantly provides me with chances to keep my artistic edge sharp and offers regular challenges that often push me into hitherto undiscovered skillsets and perspectives. It is amazing how often proficiency in applying “commercially useless” techniques will prove essential on the job.


However, there is no place on earth that can teach love or passion, the two elements that I strive to breath into each and every photography taken. To capture the heat of the moment, to record the milliseconds long essence of a long day, to turn picture into mini time machine, sending viewer back many years into their past after single fleeting glance…


I am thief, but of the Robin Hood sort. I steal memories only to give them back more vivid, focused and permament. Would you like to be robbed this way?

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